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  • title: edited inline
  • subtitle: edited inline (optional)
  • large-text: edited inline (optional)
  • text: edited inline (optional)
  • background-color: hex or rgb value (optional)
  • banner-link: url (optional)
  • banner-image: image. Aspect ratio 1:1, e.g. 800px x 800px
  • position-image-right: yes/no (optional). Default is left
  • add-content-as-html: yes/no (optional). Replace all text content with custom HTML
  • html-content-field: html field. Add custom HTML here if add-content-as-html is checked
  • set-as-h1: yes/no (optional)
  • title-color: hex or rgb value (optional)
  • title-font-size: xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl (optional). Default is l. xs, xl, xxl only available if using accent font
  • title-accent-font: yes/no (optional)
  • subtitle-color: hex or rgb value (optional)
  • subtitle-font-size: s, m, l (optional). Default is m
  • image-block: image (optional). Aspect ratio 1:1, e.g. 600px x 600px
  • large-text-color: hex or rgb value (optional)
  • large-text-font-size: s, m, l (optional). Default is m
  • text-color: hex or rgb value (optional)
  • text-font-size: s, m, l(optional). Default is m
  • text-links: list of links with URL & Title (optional) URL's are disabled if banner-link is populated
  • text-links-color: hex or rgb value (optional)
  • overlay options: options here: Feature banners - Overlays

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exclusive collaboration

Mamas & Papas welcome Liberty into the fold for an exclusive collaboration

Fusing our award winning Ocarro pushchair and our best-selling clothing lines with an exclusive Liberty floral print. Liberty’s heritage and craft credentials make them the perfect partner for a collection of iconic and distinctive patterns.