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Image carousels


  • carousel-title: text (optional)
  • set-as-h1: yes/no (optional)
  • full-width: yes/no (optional). Default is narrow width
  • image-only-carousel: yes/no (optional)
  • image-list: list of items with url, image-small, image, title, text and button (with option for solid button, default is outline)

  • Image dimensions:
    Narrow width: Aspect ratio 1:1, e.g 600px x 600px
    Full width: Aspect ratio 4:3 e.g 600px x 450px

  • Optional image-small for mobile:
    Same aspect ratios as the larger image, but adds a more optimised mobile image if required, e.g. 300px x 300px

Narrow width

Narrow width - Image only

Full width - Image, caption & button

Full width - Image only